The Shacks Crew would like to thank all those that have helped with the “DBCA adoption project” of Wilbinga this year (2018), not just the volunteers that came out on a wonderful day in May but everyone continuing to do what is necessary to keep the Wilbinga Conservation Park in good shape for years to come.

For all those visiting the Conservation Park over the festive season and we know most of you do all of the listed items, but if you or the social media group or club you are a part of could please promote these basic itemised things to others that may not be aware, we would really, really appreciate it.

Ok, there are three main entry and exit points, please use the correct ones, heading up from the South;

  • Wilbinga Road (not the one almost opposite Military Road, the other one a tad further north);
  • Wilbinga Grove;
  • Rig Road.

Please seriously consider these items to take with you for safety reasons, to make your visit that bit more enjoyable and pleasant;

  • Tyre gauge;
  • Tyre compressor;
  • Tyre deflator/s;
  • Spare tyre valves;
  • Appropriate vehicle recovery points;
  • Max Trax or similar;
  • Exhaust Jack;
  • Equaliser strap (Bridle);
  • Snatch strap to the load rating of your vehicle (Min is 8000kg);
  • Damper to place over the snatch strap when recovering vehicles;
  • SAND FLAG! Cannot stress this one enough;
  • UHF Radio – 80 channel,
  • Hand held UHF – 80 Channel;
  • A shovel;
  • Ratchet strap (for re-beading a tyre);
  • Fire extinguisher (the right one);
  • Fire blanket;
  • 10 litres of water minimum;
  • Appropriate tools such as a wheel brace (don’t laugh as people come out with no means of taking a wheel off a vehicle);
  • Comprehensive first aid kit;
  • Any other equipment you think is necessary to make your visit more pleasant.

The ‘Do Nots’

  • Please STAY on the 4wd tracks, do not drive on virgin bush land in Wilbinga;  
  • Do not light fires during fire restricted periods, check with the Gingin Shire, DBCA and DFES for online updates on fire restrictions be it total fire bans or vehicle movement bans;
  • Do not drive fast on the beach, particularly past those parked up and recreating (on foot);
  • Do not rip the DBCA directional signage up that are already established in the Park;
  • Please do not venture over the borders into private properties or over the exclusion zones north and south of the park, rangers will be on patrol over the festive season and they WILL issue infringements.

The ‘Do’s’

  • Drive appropriately and sensibly on all loose surfaces within the Conservation Park;
  • Please give way to the largest convoys;
  • Please keep convoys to a manageable size;
  • Please consider driving around the back of the Shacks as there will be families at the shacks over the festive season break;
  • Please take out what you bring into the Park (if you need extra rubbish bags Camp Remo should have spares from KABC);
  • Please be courteous to the Gingin Shire rangers if you come across these guys, they are only doing their job related to theirs and the Shires ‘duty of care’
  • Please let someone know (family or friend) that won't be out there with you when you are entering the Park and when you exit and a basic plan as to your where abouts during the day - get in touch when you are out safely with them. Just a simple mobile call will suffice.    

Hazards and risks to be weary of;

  • Tidal movement – please check tides for beach conditions and weather (BoM);
  • There is still broken glass in the sand in places, please be mindful of your kiddies running all over the dunes as that is where much of the broken glass has been spotted;  
  • Fire – check with DFES to set up a Fire exit strategy if you are already in the Park and a Fire starts up;
  • Mobile phone coverage – at this stage at Camp Remo but the Shire is looking into mapping the Mobile hotspot and placing signage, funding has been sourced for this now and it’s going to happen next year;
  • Inbound vehicles? – head on collisions,  just slow down and run them sand flags – PLEASE!

Please be courteous to other recreational users of the Conservation Park that are out there enjoying the festive season sensibly and responsibly too, please don’t piss anyone off by being a dickhead.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe New Year everyone, please enjoy Wilbinga – just don’t wreck it for everyone else.