Trespassing - Moore River Company Pty Ltd

This information below is designed to hand out to those that do the idiotic - moronic thing and enter into a working cattle farm north of Wilbinga Conservation Park. 

Moore River Company operates a cattle farm on its land and any unauthorized person found on its property is trespassing.

Trespassing on our property impacts;

  1. Management of livestock - because of the destruction of fences and gates our livestock is on beaches, river reserves and the Wilbinga Conservation Park;
  2. Livestock become significant hazards for motorists especially at night;
  3. By trespassing on its property you impact on its farming operations;
  4. Conservation management of sensitive coastal sand dunes systems and river foreshores;
  5. Littering;
  6. Fire risk from campfires and from motor vehicles. 

Our property is patrolled by Seth Security.

In addition, we have camera surveillance at various locations. 

By being on our property you have committed an offense.

Failure to properly identify yourself when on our property is an offense. 

Your name and vehicle registration number have been taken and will be provided to the Police to follow up action.

Refer to the map below to assist you in identifying private land to the south of Moore River and to the Northern boundary of the Wilbinga Conservation Park.